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Industry Tolerances:  Envelope Size, window size or placement, or printing position may vary +/- 1 /16".

Over/Under Runs:  Custom orders are subject to up to 25% over/under run.  Standard stock orders are subject to 10% over/under run on quantities beginning at 5M and over.  A request for no over run on standard stock orders must be specified at time of order placement.  This will be done at no additional charge.

Ink:  We do not guarantee an 'exact' ink match because of normal variations in manufacturers ink, in PMS books and in ink color variations caused by paper stock.

Paper:  We are not responsible for variations of color, finish, bursting, strength or weight which are within the paper manufacturers or suppliers tolerance.

Change Orders:  Orders can be canceled only if production processing has not begun.  Once proceesing has begun, should changes or cancellation be required, you will assume all costs for labor and materials incurred up to the time the order is taken out of production.

If an error is made on our part, your order will be credited or re-run.  Errors must be reported to us within 10 days after receipt of the order.  In no case will requests for re-runs or credit be honored after 30 days of receipt of order.  We do not assume responsibility for any consequential damage of products  (i.e. Improper storage, defective inserting equipment, etc.).

Bleeds, borders, large solids or screens may cause offsetting, no reprint or credit will be given due to offsetting.

Exact or critical registration can not be guaranteed on 3 color orders, due to our ability of running in 2 passes.