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Envelope Size:  2 1/2 x 4 1/4  to  12 x 18

One and Two Color Printing

Capable of doing Three and Four color Spot with Two passes  (depending on placement of colors)

  • Diagonal or Side seam
  • Catalog/Booklet
  • Coin
  • Custom Window
  • Peel and Seal/Flip and Stick
  • Specialty Stock
  • Multipositon Windows
  • Custom Size
  • Full View Window
  • Standard Stock and Size
  • Inside Tints  (Custom/STD)
  • Tyvek
  • Remittance

(Products listed above are just a sample of different stock)

If we do not have the capabilities on certain products, such as latex seal, to do in house - then we outsource through our manufacturers to produce a job.

Every shipment we handle is a blind shipment, unless our customer is warehousing and then pack slip will show from us, but any label on carton will not have our name.

  • Black
  • Process Yellow
  • Reflex
  • Process Blue
  • Blue - 281/287
  • Brown - 469
  • Green - 347/348/355/356
  • Red - Warm Red/Rubine/032/185/186/485
  • Orange - 021

PMS Ink color not listed above has a $15.00 ink wash-up charge per color.

Metallic or Florescent Inks - $40.00 ink wash-up charge per color.

Bleeds, Borders, Large Solids or Screens may caues offsetting, no reprint or credit will be given due to offsetting.